About us


In 1397, the Turkish company Esas Polimer Kimya, established Manamehr Shimi Company in the field of manufacturing various types of adhesives and sealants based on its 20 years of experience. Manamehr Shimi, in addition to benefiting from the technical experience of Turkish specialists, also has the support of 40 years of successful experience of Parhiz Kalamehr Company in the field of trade and sales. Manamehr Shimi factory is equipped with modern machines and equipment made in European countries. This factory with the aim of manufacturing high quality products, customer satisfaction, meeting the needs of the market and self-sufficiency of our beloved homeland of Iran and with the help of its specialized personnel and after conducting detailed studies and extensive research, launched its first products in 1401. Manamehr Shimi Company, as a leading group in the manufacturing of various types of adhesives and sealants, is trying to stabilize its position as a top manufacturer with world-class products throughout our beloved country.