In 2018, Esas Polimer Kimya, a renowned Turkish company with over two decades of expertise, laid the foundation for Manamehr Shimi Company, dedicated to manufacturing a diverse range of adhesives and sealants. Leveraging the technical prowess of Turkish specialists and backed by the 40-year success story of Parhiz Kalamehr Company in trade and sales, Manamehr Shimi embarked on its journey. Our state-of-the-art factory boasts cutting-edge machinery sourced from European countries, ensuring the production of premium-quality products. Committed to customer satisfaction, market needs, and national self-sufficiency, our dedicated team launched our inaugural product line in 2022 after meticulous research and analysis. At Manamehr Shimi, we aspire to solidify our position as a pioneer in adhesive and sealant manufacturing, delivering world-class products across Iran.